About us

Oikos East Africa (OEA) is a Tanzanian NGO based in Arusha that works since 1999 to promote the protection of biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources as tools to fight against poverty and boost socio-economic development.

The principle behind OEA’s work is that sound environmental conservation strategies can guarantee health and wellness to current and future generations, increase the economic independence of vulnerable communities and tackle climate change.

To reach its objectives OEA applies a systemic and interdisciplinary approach that foresees the implementation development projects in four different sectors of intervention: natural resources conservation and management; natural resource accessibility; climate change adaptation and rural communities’ economic empowerment.

OEA vision is a future where local communities and authorities work together to promote a fair socio-economic development based on the sustainable use of natural resources.

OEA mission is to work with high ethical and scientific standards to promote to support rural communities and local governance in improving the quality of life of the population and in protecting their ecosystems through culturally sensitive and environmentally highly sustainable interventions.

OEA was first registered as a branch of the Italian NGO Istituto Oikos, it became an independent organization in 2009, but still remains a key part of Istituto Oikos’ network. Since its foundation OEA has thus worked in partnership with many local and international NGOs, with statal and parastatal Tanzanian institutions and with Italian research institutes and universities.

Oikos East Africa staff

The team of OEA is specialized in biodiversity conservation, wildlife monitoring, sustainable management of natural resources, awareness raising initiatives concerning the environment, improvement of food security, renewable energy services and support to the creation un micro-enterprises that boost the economic independence of vulnerable communities without damaging environmental balances. Within these areas of interventions, skills development has always been a strong component of the work of Oikos East Africa.

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